Peace building & Interfaith Harmony

The Christian study center (CSC) Rawalpindi is an organization that has been working to promote interfaith dialogue peace and harmony in the country. Christian Study Centre initiated the project on “Peaceful co-existence among the Religion Communities.” CSC partnered with 5 organizations in District Toba Tek Singh. Joy Foundation has been a partner of CSC since 2017. Joy Foundation and CSC organized activities which focused on the above topic. The activities included Peace Poetry, Cultural event, sports events and seminars. CSC has also formed a District Peace Committee which aims to look after conflicts at local level.

Joy Foundation has also been in collaboration with URI (United Religions Initiative) Pakistan as Cooperation Circle. This collaboration focuses on the participation of youth towards peace building. Joy Foundation has a youth theatre group. The groups actively perform theatre and also volunteer with Joy Foundation and perform on specific topics. Joy Foundation has set 3 goals for the groups which are: educate, entertain and inspire. The groups are volunteering with Joy Foundation with full commitment and devotion. Joy Foundation is happy to have volunteers who are dedicated and disciplined, who accept the responsibility, who are self-confident and most importantly have leadership skills.

Joy Foundation organizes iftar parties every year. These interfaith iftar parties are organized to promote peace, interfaith harmony and understanding among both the communities. Joy Foundation aims to foster religious and social harmony and help develop a diverse society in Pakistan in which people of different beliefs can live together in peace and exercise their basic human rights. Joy Foundation does its best to provide peace building skills and promotes participation in different events of other religions which can not only help in promoting tolerance and respecting each other’s faith but definitely it gives insight and help in building positive image of our country.