After spending more than 25 years in the NGO sector, I feel especially privileged to be writing this message as the Director of Joy Foundation. Joy Foundation began its journey in 2009, working in District Toba Tek Singh, and has spent these years continuing to build and expand our organization. Joy Foundation is registered at district level as well as provincial level and also an organization that has signed the MOU with Economic Affairs Division (EAD). The organization has come past over a long path of development and continuing its efforts in the line of its Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives. At present Joy Foundation is working for Education, Women Empowerment, Peace building and Interfaith Harmony, WASH and Emergency Relief.

I can proudly say that the present success and the directions of Joy Foundation are the result of its staff member’s utmost involvement and commitment. Effective decisions and support of Executive Committee and Management Team of the organization, wholehearted cooperation from the Local Government, Provincial Government as well as Federal Government and other experienced like-minded organizations, active participation of the grassroots people and their vital roles inspired in achieving the success. I am sincerely grateful and indebted to all of them.

We hope, necessary advice and support of different stakeholders will be continued to play effective roles for the well-being of deserving communities and gender-based socio-economical strengthening initiatives of Joy Foundation. Heartiest thanks and grateful to all of those, who have solicited their wholehearted cooperation to formulate, update and continue this website. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Joy Foundation and looking forward to many more years of service, all of which will bring positive change to the communities where we work and serve.