“Providing development opportunities to the marginalized segments of the society”

Mission, Vision, Objective

Our Vision

Our vision is to create such an oppression-less, non-discriminatory society, where all the citizen have access to equal rights, freedom and opportunities in ways that enable them to live safe and dignified lives and thereby get opportunities to express their creativity. The mode to achieve this is through raising collective voices in sustainable manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the dignity of people and enhance their capacity to raise their voice to access their basic rights through capacity building, institution development, participation, equal opportunities at every level by ensuring sensitization and education on the social issues.


• To undertake human development without any discrimination based on creed, race, colors, language and nationality
• To help the children with education, food, good health, information and awareness about hygiene.
• Building capacity of the local youth by transforming skills & give them opportunities to become leaders to create peace and harmony in the society.
• To protect women’s health and empower them socially, economically and politically so that they can participate in every sphere of life with equal opportunities.
• To assist the disabled in the process of rehabilitation and reformation.
• To assist people in emergencies and help the communities to identify practices to tackle the climate change issues.