Flooding is the most overwhelming natural hazard in Pakistan. Joy Foundation has been active in the flood affected areas since 2010, when Pakistan hit devastating floods. Joy Foundation provided flood relief in Jhang, Layyah and Muzaffargarh. These were the most affected areas.Joy Foundation has been providing flood relief in Jhang since 2010 until 2016. The main focus of Joy Foundation is food, hygiene and health of the affected populations. Because these are the basic and the most important needs of the people.While losing everything the affected people have no sources to get food for themselves and the small children and as there are no medical facilities in the area they cannot have treatment of the diseases caused by the flood and hygiene facilities are also not present in the area as the flood causes a lot of destruction.The relief includes food packages, hygiene kits and free medical camps to provide medical aid to the affected people

Recently Joy Foundation has provided COVID-19 relief in District Toba Tek Singh. The relief included cash support for those who deserved and were in need and has also provided food packages and hygiene packages to the families. The beneficiaries of the COVID-19 relief included female-headed families (widows etc) and those families whose source of income depends on the income earned on daily basis (daily wagers), because during lockdown the most affected segment were the people who had very less source of income which was also scarce due to lockdown. This project was not only a relief effort but also an awareness campaign. Joy Foundation organized awareness programs that provided awareness to people on safety and precautionary measures for the COVID-19.