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Providing development opportunities to the marginalized segments of the society

About us

Introduction of the Joy Foundation

JOY FOUNDATION is a non-profit; developmental organization started by group of young people in March 2005 and got registration in June 2009 under Societies’ Registration Act, 1860. The Organization operates independently regardless of religious, political or economic influences. The organization started its work along with a community Center for disabled people in Toba Tek Singh District. Along with its extended activities in other fields, at present Joy Foundation is actively involved with the downtrodden, for the development of most neglected and oppressed communities’ of both rural and urban areas of district Toba Tek Singh and neighbor districts. Women Empowerment, Children, Education, Climate Change, Emergency Relief, Disabled Empowerment, Peace and Youth, WASH and Health are the major initiatives of Joy Foundation. The staff is dedicated to reach all the communities at grassroots level, expanding its services in all the focus areas to grow and spread joy and peace.

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Our vision

is to create such an oppression-less, non-discriminatory society, where all the citizen have access to equal rights, freedom and opportunities in ways that enable them to live safe and dignified lives and thereby get opportunities to express their creativity. The mode to achieve this is through raising collective voices in sustainable manner.

Our mission

is to strengthen the dignity of people and enhance their capacity to raise their voice to access their basic rights through capacity building, institution development, participation, equal opportunities at every level by ensuring sensitization and education on the social issues.



Where we Work

Joy Foundation is a national organization with its major focus in province Punjab. The areas of operation could vary, depends on the situation and need. Our head office is located in Toba Tek Singh the currently operated areas are as follows:

    • District Toba Tek Singh (head office)
    • Sub District Gojra
    • District Jhang
    • Rajana Town of  District Toba Tek Singh
    • Sub District of Jhang Shorkot




Thematic areas

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1. Education

    • Inclusive Education Centers
    • Literacy centers for a girls
    • Poster/easy competition among children
    • Computer centers for girls
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2. Women empowerment program

• Skill training program
• Income Generation activities
• Awareness programs
• Health awareness program
• Celebration of Women International Day
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3. Interfaith Harmony & Peace Building

• Formation of Peace Committees male/female in Target area
• Training of youth as peace ambassadors
• Networking with other organization on peace building
• Communication & meeting with religious leaders
• Meeting with opinion makers promotion of peace
• Organize other culture activities to promote peace in areas.
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4. Disabled empowerment program

• Free distribution of wheelchair and others needs of PWDs
• Awareness raising programs with disable and their families
• Advocate society about the rights of disabled persons through awareness campaigns and demonstrations
• Empowerment of disabled persons through training and counseling
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5. Youth

• Youth Capacity Building program
• Theatre group with youth
• Music group with youth
• Youth as peace ambassador program
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6. Health & WASH

• Awareness program on WASH
• Free hygiene kit distribution among children
• Hygiene sessions with school children
• Water filter distribution
• TBAs training program
• Awareness program on mother & child care
• Awareness session with sanitary workers
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7. Emergency

( • Emergency Relief
• Rehabilitation
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8- Environment

• Tree plantation
• Awareness on Climate change
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