Women Empowerment Program

1. Women Literacy Centre’s
To expand female literacy ratio in backward areas Joy Foundation is running a Literacy Centre in Chak 319 JB. Women play vital roles in family and community life, girls and women access to education has often been very limited or neglected due to various social, cultural, and economic conditions. It has been recognized that community development and national development cannot be achieved without the vital component of women's involvement and participation. That is why Joy Foundation has taken this step to struggle for Women Literacy.
2. Sewing Centre’s
Joy Foundation is running sewing centres in Chak 295 JB, Chak 701 GB (Peer Kadyana) and in Madina Colony, Toba Tek Singh. Joy Foundation provides all the material for the centre including the sewing machines. More than 40 girls and women are trained in each centre.  They are given training of simple sewing, different stitches and embroidery. The girls and women will get training for 1 whole year and at the end of the year diploma will be provided to each girl/woman so that they can start their business in their own community.
3. Computer Centre’s
Joy Foundation aims to provide best computer skills to women in rural areas. Joy Foundation is running 2 computer centres in Chak 319 JB and Chak 295 JB. All the material in the centre is provided by Joy Foundation. The reason behind establishing the computer centers is to provide an easy access of computer education to the disadvantaged students of these areas as there is no computer training center in the surrounding areas. The tutor encourages girls to learn new and latest computer skills. At the end of the short course the girls were provided the diploma by Joy Foundation.
4. Awareness Raising Programs

Women generalized lack of empowerment and low social status as relative to men. Due to inequality women have disproportionately higher health risks and these are exacerbated by poverty. Further restricted life opportunities result in lower levels of education for women and lack of awareness of health issues. That is why Joy Foundation has taken a step to organize Awareness Raising Programs among women in rural areas and areas where there are lack of opportunities for girls and women. Joy Foundation helps them recognize the opportunities they lack and encourages them to fight for their rights.

5. Women Day Celebration
Women Day is celebrated by Joy Foundation every year in which more than 200 women participate. The women who have achieved progress in social, economic and political fields are invited as guests in the programs because these women are the inspiration for other girls and women. Through this program Joy Foundation honors all those women who have achieved success and also those women who are struggling for their rights. All the women participate in the program; they dance, sing, perform dramas, play games and enjoy themselves. Joy Foundation makes sure that all the women feel special and honored on their day and also assures them that Joy Foundation will always cooperate with them and help them through the entire struggle they are making to move forward.

6. Mothers Day Celebration

One relationship which is always with us is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. Mothers also shape our lives and our personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do at every opportunity. Joy Foundation is paying tribute to these amazing people in our lives, our mothers. Joy Foundation celebrates Mother Day to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child.




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