1. Sponsorship Program
Joy Foundation has been supporting 20 children through a sponsorship program since 2009. It sponsors those children whose parents cannot afford their education expenses. It provides these children free education, free books, bags and other school accessories. Joy Foundation collects annual result of these children and sponsors them for the next study year also. Joy Foundation is also providing computers to the children so that they can gain knowledge through technology.
2. Free Books Distribution
In April 2013 Joy Foundation organized a program in which free books were distributed among children of class 1―10. About 100 children received the books. Fr. Simon Khursheed, Fr. Shamas Simon, Fr. Abid Saleem, Sir Yaqub Hameed were the guests. At the end of the program Director Joy Foundation Yaqoob Sadiq thanked all the guests and said that Joy Foundation will always support and cooperate with the needy children.
3. Inclusive Education Centre’s and Supporting Materials
Joy Foundation is running 4 Inclusive centre’s in Chak 319 JB, Chak 295 JB and recently in Chak 700/42 Peer Kadyana and Christian Colony, Toba Tek Singh. The purpose of these centres is to remove the disappointment from the minds of the disable children and to give them healthy environment for study. Joy Foundation provides all material for the Inclusive Education Centre, which includes all kind of stationary for children, furniture and other school accessories. The strength of each centre is above 50 children, 1 teacher and a helper. There are disable children in each centre along with the normal children. The centre’s are visited by Joy Foundation staff twice a month.
4. Teachers Training Programs and Refreshers Courses
Great teachers help create great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement, so it is critical to pay close attention to how we train and support both new and experienced educators. Joy Foundation organizes Teachers Training programs and Refreshers Courses for Teachers so that they can improve their knowledge, enhance their skills and learn about new developments that are related to their teaching.
5. Parents Counseling Meetings
Joy Foundation organizes 8 Parents Counseling meetings every year because studies have shown that children have greater academic achievement when their parents are involved in their education. Motivation, positive attitudes about self and sense of control over their environment improve with parental involvement in the schools. Children from low-income families benefit the most from parental involvement. Joy Foundation guides the parents in these meetings to support, encourage and advocate their child for their better future.
6. Fun Fair
Joy Foundation organizes fun fairs for the children every year. Fun fairs are organized to re-energize the children and take them out from their boring routines. Food stalls, face paintings and different games are arranged for them.
7. Poster and Essay Competition
Poster and essay competitions are organized for children from different schools. These competitions are arranged so that children can learn how to compete in a friendly manner. Posters are collected from each school and then an exhibition is arranged where the judges decide the prize winners and then the winners are given their prizes. The same way essays are collected and prizes are given to the winners. These activities are done to enhance the skills of children.
8. Puppet Training program and Puppet Shows
Puppet Trainings are arranged by Joy Foundation to encourage, support and nurture our community. After these trainings, puppet shows, which are fun for children, are arranged in different schools and local community also.
9. Celebration of Children Day
A day marking childhood, Children Day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. Joy Foundation also organizes a children day festival. Different cultural programs and events for students are arranged. Children participate in various activities, such as singing, dancing, painting, drawing, quizzes, storytelling, fancy dress, debates, speeches, and so on. The winning students are rewarded generously. The competitions are not only organized with schools but with the local community also.






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