Disabled Empowerment program

1. Exposure Programs with Adults with Disabilities
Two exposure visits were arranged in year 2014, for 15 young persons with disability and staff of Joy Foundation. One visit was organized with Education, Awareness and Community Health (EACH) Faisalabad and the other was organized with Special Talent Exchange program (STEP) Islamabad. Another two exposure visits were arranged in year 2015, for 5 young persons with disability and staff of Joy Foundation. One visit was arranged with Umeed-Gah, Multan and Sada-e-Umeed, Khanewal. During sharing with each other young people learnt a lot from other organizations and institute’s work and experience. Joy Foundation also shares its work through multimedia presentations.
2. Media outreach programs (Radio Programs)
FM channels have wide coverage of listeners in the urban and rural areas. Joy Foundation held two radio talk shows on the issues of disabled persons. The topic of the shows was the employment opportunities for the persons with disabilities (PWDs). The participants of the talk show discussed the issues of employment for the PWDs in detail.
3. Lobbying and Advocacy Meetings with the Opinion Makers
Four meetings with the opinion makers have been held in Toba Tek Singh. Many lawyers, teachers, professors and District Government Officials attended the meetings. District Officers for Education and Community Development also attended the meetings. The issues and the conditions of the PWDs were discussed in details during the meetings. Everybody showed a great interest in the discussions and many new ideas come up to help and PWDs in the District Toba Tek Singh.

4. Free Wheel Chair Distribution
Joy Foundation organized the ceremony of wheel chairs distribution at Catholic Church, Toba Tek Singh. There were 12 disabled children who were given the gift of wheel chairs. Mr. Sadaqat Sardar, Mr. Nadeem Bashir (Caritas TTS), Fr. Simon Khursheed, Mr. Yaqub Sadiq and Mrs. Shazia Yaqub distributed the wheel chair among the disabled children. Fr. Simon Khursheed forwarding his views about the program said that Joy Foundation is not working for the Christians but for the humanity, no matter a person belongs to Christianity or Islam; he/she is a Human Being first of all.

5. Theatre Training and Theatre Shows
Three days Theatre Training Program is organized for the theatre group. Joy Foundation made a contract with the True Act Theatre (a theatre organization) to conduct this training. This three days training focuses on the issues of PWDs, theatre techniques, effective theatre, focus areas, role of the viewers, types of disability, situations of disabled persons in the society and laws and regulations regarding the PWDs. After the training theatre shows are conducted in different villages of Toba Tek Singh and the local Community.
6. Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Joy Foundation organizes programs on International day of Persons with disabilities every year, on 3rd December. The program is organized with disable persons; they perform dramas, dance and sing songs. The topic that we focused upon in 2013 is, “BREAK BARRIERS, OPEN DOORS, FOR AN INCLUSIVE SOCIETY FOR ALL”, and in 2014 “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: THE PROMISE OF TECHNOLOGY”.   The topic that we focus upon every year is according to the UNO’s themes. The disabled people and their family members attend the programs. The chief guests of the program in 2013 were Fr. Simon Khursheed, Fr. Shamas Simon, Sadaqat Sardar (Caritas TTS) and Professor Falak Sher (Govt. Post Graduate College) and in 2014 were Fr. Simon Khursheed, Fr. Shamas Simon and Professor Falak Sher.



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